Natural Medicine in Colorado Springs: The Safe, Effective Approach

Natural medicine patient in Colorado Springs receives acupuncture

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Natural Medicine in Colorado Springs: The Safe, Effective Approach 

Did you know that in 2019 there were nearly 1.1 million searches of people looking for alternative health services in Colorado? Natural medicine in Colorado Springs and its surrounding areas is increasing in popularity year after year. But why?


Naturopathic Medicine is More Traditional Than “Traditional Medicine”

With roots in the ancient medical wisdom of Chinese, Egyptian, Arabian, European, and other advanced cultures, natural medicine is founded on principles supporting the body’s innate ability to heal itself. 

Naturopathic medicine is more ” traditional ” than modern conventional methods—such as prescription drugs and surgery—which are often invasive and don’t truly yield lasting results.


What Are the Guiding Principles of Natural Medicine?

Natural medicine in Colorado Springs focuses on six guiding principles to deliver holistic healthcare solutions to patients.

  1. Do No Harm: Using natural therapies to avoid toxic treatments or invasive surgeries.
  2. The Healing Power of Nature: Enhancing the body’s natural ability to heal.
  3. Identify and Treat the Cause: Addressing the underlying causes of symptoms.
  4. Doctor as Teacher: Enabling people to be informed caretakers of their bodies.
  5. Treat the Whole Person: Understanding that the body is a complex network of integrated systems.
  6. Prevention: Restoring the body to peak health to prevent diseases and illness.

It is through this basic and common-sense approach that naturopathic doctors help their patients achieve health goals without relying on prescription medication or other invasive procedures. 


What is The Traditional Medicine Approach?

Traditional medicine relies heavily on symptom control. If you see your physician for back pain, you receive prescriptions to handle the symptoms. These treatment plans include combinations of pain medications, steroids, and muscle relaxers. 

While you may initially feel pain relief, your discomfort returns when you stop taking the medicines.

As time passes, your body becomes tolerant to these prescription drugs, and you need to take more potent doses to achieve the same level of relief.

Functional doctors understand that no medical complaint, condition, or illness is a stand-alone issue. Functional medicine works to uncover the cause of your back pain—such as psoriatic or reactive arthritis, inflammatory bowel disease, certain infectious, and/or autoimmune diseases. Once the source is uncovered and addressed, the symptoms disappear, and your need for medication is eliminated.


Common Misconceptions About Natural Medicine in Colorado Springs

Since most people grew up using conventional doctors, the truth about natural medicine is clouded in mystery. Here are just a few common misconceptions about functional medicine:


1. Functional Doctors Aren’t Real Doctors

The path to becoming a licensed practicing functional doctor is similar to that of a conventional doctor. Four years of graduate-level education is required to achieve a bachelor’s degree, and then students will complete a four-year functional medicine program. 

Functional medical school mirrors conventional medical students’ classes—including biology, nutrition, anatomy and physiology, pharmacology, immunology, and pathology.


2. Functional Doctors Do Not Use Conventional Diagnostic Methods

Functional medicine uses modern diagnostics—including imaging and lab work—to uncover the causes of disease, illness, or injury. 

They find the right balance of natural treatments and, if necessary, prescription medications. 


3. Functional Doctors Don’t Work with Conventional Physicians

Some patients fear leaving a trusted conventional physician and relying entirely on holistic medicine providers. Natural medicine in Colorado Springs can be used as a primary care source. It also works alongside traditional treatment plans to enhance them naturally.


4. You Can’t Afford Functional Medicine

As functional medicine grows in popularity, many insurance companies now include it in coverage.

In the bigger picture, the whole-body wellness approach of natural medicine in Colorado Springs saves money by preventing illness in the first place.


Natural Medicine Stops the Doctor Shuffle

Conventional medicine offers a splintered standard of care. You see one doctor for your flu symptoms, another for your allergies, still another for your diabetes, and yet another for the management of your chronic back pain.

On top of seeing multiple doctors and facilitating communication between offices, you rely on pharmacies to identify potential drug interactions. Because each specialist prescribes different medications, chances are pretty good that you visit the pharmacy enough to be on a first-name basis with the staff. 

If you have HMO insurance, you spend countless hours getting referrals to specialists or diagnostics for each doctor. Most insurances require copays for each specialist visit. Medical care quickly becomes overwhelming—emotionally and financially.

Because your functional doctor is looking at your health as one interconnected picture instead of multiple small snapshots, natural medicine in Colorado Springs stops the endless shuffle.

From children’s health to elderly care and chronic disease management, your functional medicine is uniquely qualified to treat many conditions.


Benefits of Natural Medicine in Colorado Springs

There are many benefits to choosing natural medicine in Colorado Springs, from hour-long office visits to effective communication to less invasive treatment plans.

  • Be a partner in your own healthcare: Functional doctors take the role of advisor and equip you with the information and resources you need to be your own body’s advocate.
  • Functional doctors communicate: Many traditional medicine patients feel their doctors don’t listen. These patients walk out of the office with a handful of prescriptions but no understanding of their conditions. Functional doctors educate each patient on their unique health concerns.
  • Reduced reliance on harmful prescriptions: Functional doctors don’t believe it is necessary to take pharmaceuticals for most medical conditions. The body’s design heals itself when given the right resources.
  • No one-size-fits-all medicine: Because no two bodies are quite the same, your wellness path looks different from anyone else’s. 
  • Whole-body healing: Conventional medicine is reactionary, treating symptoms to mask them. Functional doctors identify and treat the underlying causes of the symptoms, often eliminating the need for traditional medications.


Explore Natural Medicine in Colorado Springs

Whether you’re exploring the many benefits of natural medicine or looking for a new holistic healthcare provider in Colorado Springs and the surrounding communities, True Life Medicine provides the answers and solutions you need to restore your healthy balance. 

Contact us now to schedule your discovery call and get started on the path of wellness through functional medicine.

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