Need Arthritis Care? How to Identify a Great Functional Medicine Doctor in Colorado Springs

man with arthiritis can't lift spoon, may need FM Doctor

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Dealing with rheumatoid arthritis and arthritis symptoms is not easy. You’ve likely tried creams, pills, and infusions to relieve your joint inflammation and joint pain. However, you might have noticed that these conventional approaches only provide limited relief without long-term recovery.

A conventional doctor will often address only the surface-level symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis. They won’t dig deeper into underlying issues with the immune system. At True Life Medicine, we create comprehensive and holistic treatment plans for rheumatoid arthritis. We understand that pain relief is essential, but long-term progress can only be made when we address your immune system, joint function, and range of motion.

If you’re choosing between potential doctors in Colorado Springs, this guide will help you identify the best healthcare providers for your situation. 

Functional Medicine and Arthritis Symptoms

People who have been diagnosed with arthritis often experience the following symptoms:

  • General joint pain
  • A sense of stiffness
  • Varying forms of redness
  • Other forms of arthritis effect

These symptoms can apply to various joint diseases and injuries. During your consultation with one of our functional medicine practitioners, you can expect a full discussion of your previous treatment plans and health history. Our goal is to get to the root cause of your pain. We want to help you understand the types of arthritis and how to treat rheumatoid arthritis and similar conditions. The first step to arthritis relief is an accurate diagnosis.

Whether you are looking for pain management for degenerative joint disease or other medical treatments, you can be sure that your functional medicine provider will provide medical advice and offer a plan that works for you.

1. Training and Expertise

Take some time to look into your doctor’s training history and expertise. While there’s a general assumption that all doctors and medical practitioners in Colorado Springs go to accredited schools for training, this isn’t always the case. The medical practitioner (functional or traditional) you choose to deal with your arthritis should have gone through a residency program that allows for on-the-job supervised training. You have a right as a patient to check their certifications.

Similarly, the medical professional should be actively practicing functional treatments with arthritis patients. Ensure that the practitioner has a reputation for being a great problem solver and can diagnose complex arthritis problems. 

2. Values and Personality

The personality and values of your doctor can greatly influence your journey toward recovery. Whoever provides your arthritis treatment in Colorado Springs should treat you as a priority. They should also seek to tailor your treatment to your personal needs. Many patients come to True Life Medicine because we emphasize natural and holistic health solutions. 

In essence, your functional medicine doctor must show the ability to be a good listener and a caring person who wants to understand your health story. They must be willing to consider your point of view concerning your health status while maintaining confidentiality. 

3. Open-minded, holistic treatment

The benefit of functional medicine for rheumatoid arthritis is that it focuses on healing the whole body. Conventional medicine prescribes highly targeted medicines that only address your joint inflammation. However, functional medicine takes a broader perspective and empowers the body to heal itself.

For example, a functional medicine doctor in Colorado Springs will advise you on a comprehensive diet, exercise, and supplement plan. Functional medicine is not merely about addressing one issue but rather about ensuring a better quality of life overall. 

The Value of Functional Medicine in Colorado Springs

Functional medicine is emerging as an effective alternative to conventional, western medicine. While visiting your current doctor in Colorado Springs, you might experience short appointments, high costs, and a steady stream of prescriptions as the only solution to arthritis.

We believe that effective treatment of arthritis greatly depends on the nature of the relationship established between the physician and the patient. Choosing a functional medicine practitioner who understands you is one of the most significant personal decisions you will ever make regarding the health status of your bones, joints, and tendons.

Contact Our Healthcare Professionals at True Life Medicine To Relieve Arthritis Pain

Remember that there is a path to true health, and our professionals at True Life Medicine will partner with you to find it.

We will work with you to provide a health plan based upon your entire health journey, not just immediate symptoms. We will continually adjust your treatment plan so that you remain in the driver’s seat.

Schedule a fifteen-minute discovery call to get started on your path to comprehensive wellness. From there, you can have an in-depth discussion with Dr. James and can obtain a plan based on your needs.

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