YOUR Health Is The Foundation Of Your Life.

  • The True Life Medicine approach to your health is unique – unlike anything you would experience in typical healthcare.
  • Dr. James is a Medical Doctor, but instead of just giving you a name for your symptom and a medication to manage it, he and the TLM team will partner with you in a special way to discover the root causes that are causing your dysfunction. 
  • Our approach is to use the most cutting edge laboratory and diagnostic testing while interpreting those results according to your unique biochemistry, genetics, and social context. 
  • If you are not taking advantage of having Dr. James as your Medical Mentor and coach, then you are placing your hope in a healthcare system that does not have you in mind.

“YOUR Life IS Your Medicine”

~ Dr. James ~

– Dan Miller-
Author of “48 Days to the work you Love”

-Danny Marsh-
Recent College Graduate

I’ve been so happy to find Dr. James and his True Life staff. After spending the last year with two different doctors trying to optimize my thyroid, I finally switched to Dr. James and within a few months my thyroid was optimal. The staff is amazing and always available to answer my questions through the Spruce app. Dr. James is very thorough and I never feel rushed. I finally have a doctor that will listen to me and includes me in my patient plan. I highly recommend Dr. James for anyone working on a thyroid or adrenal issue.


My husband Steve and I are so grateful for Dr. James and the wonderful staff at True Life Medicine. We have been searching for health answers for several years, trying to work through the confusing and conflicting information available. Almost as a last attempt, we found Dr. James and decided to work with him. We are so very glad we did! He has helped identify problems other providers have failed to identify, and we are already seeing real benefits from the individualized, yet wholistic approach has recommended. If you are frustrated and about to give up on real help, please don’t; please contact Dr. James and at least give him the opportunity to explain his approach. We will never regret our decision to work with him.

                     -Juliann and Steve-

True Life has been an amazingly positive experience. From the moment you walk in the door, to the focused time w/ Dr. James, to the one-on-ones with your health coach, to the quality of the supplements. It’s all a top-shelf experience. Looking forward to continuing the journey towards my individual “True Life”.


Our family has been a patient of Dr. James and True Life Medicine for almost a decade. He’s a phenomenal doctor that genuinely cares about our health on a wholistic level. We recommend him to everyone we know. His approach is a little different, but if you care about your family’s health and don’t just want to treat symptoms you’ll love Doctor James.


We’ve been going to Dr. Randy and TLM for years and we really appreciate the functional medicine approach, taking a wholistic look at our family’s health rather than waiting for the usual reactive approach to symptoms that have crossed a certain threshold. I recommend Dr. Randy and his office wholeheartedly.                                     -Peter-

True Life Medicine has helped me to find out what was wrong with my body and to find a healthier way to live. I am feeling better and having more energy. Thank you Dr. James and the staff for all your support!


You are not like anyone else out there, so True Life Medicine helps you like no other medical practice out there – walking with you in relationship, mentoring you every step of the way, deciphering your biochemistry,  as you take ownership of your life and the direction that you are going.  Our patients set their goals, and we give you the tools to reach them.  We go above the “standard of care”, because our goal is your Wellbeing – your True Life.

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Woodland Park, CO

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