Diabetes Treatment in Colorado Springs

True Life Medicine specializes in treating complex chronic conditions, including Type 2 Diabetes. If you’ve been struggling to manage your diabetes using conventional methods, there is hope! When you visit our doctors you receive personal care that works.

We believe that certain cases of diabetes can be reversed. This might surprise you since typical treatments are aimed at “managing” and “slowing” the disease. However, there are ways to heal your body’s hormone production systems. 

Treating diabetes isn’t a simple process. There’s no one-time pill you can take. But by working steadily with our expert team of doctors at True Life Medicine, you can finally achieve real progress in your fight against diabetes. 

Every day, we work with patients who have otherwise given up on finding relief from diabetes symptoms. Functional medicine has allowed them to live full, vibrant lives!

Why Functional Medicine is Effective for Treating Diabetes

Diabetes is caused by a hormone imbalance. In certain situations, the body does not create enough insulin – the hormone that helps you process sugar. In other situations, the body cannot properly use the insulin that’s created. This can lead to dangerous spikes in blood sugar levels and long term damage to organs.

Common advice for treating diabetes includes eating well, being active, and reducing stress. This sounds good in theory, but it’s difficult to put into practice.

This is where functional medicine comes into play. Functional medicine sees your doctor as a health partner. Our role at True Life Medicine isn’t to diagnose and prescribe. Our role is to guide you along your journey toward optimal health. It’s why functional medicine is becoming one of the nation’s most popular approaches to healthcare.

We create customized treatment plans for you and then encourage you during regular check-ins.

Moreover, True Life Medicine provides cutting-edge hormone treatments that can aid your body in the production and processing of insulin. This hormone imbalance is the root cause of your diabetes. Therefore, it makes sense that we’d want to heal whatever is wrong with your glands and hormone receptors.

How to Diagnose Diabetes

Testing is a high priority at True Life Medicine–and for functional medicine in general. We’re in the business of treating root causes. It’s not enough to artificially boost or lower blood sugar; we want to get to the heart of your hormone imbalance.

When you work with us, we will conduct the traditional tests for diabetes as well as a wide range of blood and hormone tests to make sure we don’t miss a thing. We send these samples to trusted labs nearby Colorado Springs so that you receive fast and accurate results.

What to Expect from Functional Medicine Diabetes Treatment

The doctors at True Life Medicine promise to become your trusted health partners. You can expect us to listen to your concerns, conduct extensive tests, and then work with you to find a treatment plan that works. 

Since every person is unique, there are no one-size-fits-all solutions. It may take some time to optimize your diabetes treatment here in Colorado Springs. But this personalized medical attention is much better than the alternative – a rushed doctor who prescribes general solutions without thinking about your needs.

In addition to personalized care, you can also expect us to work on healthy lifestyle changes:


  • Exercise
    Let’s find an activity you enjoy doing and then chart your progress at regular check-ups.


  • Diet and nutrition
    We all know that proper nutrition is key for diabetes treatment. We believe in educating patients on healthy eating habits and crafting meal plans that aren’t difficult to follow.


  • Hormone therapy
    From relaxation techniques to supplements, we want to make sure your body is primed to create the right amount of hormones. Sticking to the hormone treatment plan will lead to ideal diabetes outcomes.

We Offer Diabetes Treatment in Colorado Springs and the Surrounding Areas

True Life Medicine has served Colorado Springs for many years. The patients who have stuck with us the longest have seen the most improvement in their health. It’s time to get control of your diabetes symptoms. 

Contact our team today for a complimentary discovery call. Let’s start you on the path to wellness!