Direct Primary Functional Care

Since it was first introduced as an accessible practice method, the Direct Primary Care (DPC) model has grown quite popular. But it doesn’t come as a surprise, especially after seeing the direct access and functional level of care that the practice offers to patients.

At True Life Medicine, we specialize in offering Direct Primary Care to those patients and families who want to steer clear long wait times and intricate insurance billing. 

With direct payments, our DPC program smoothens out communication between patients and physicians. 

With an active level of care, it also reduces the need for rushed hospital visits. 

Its individualized focus program improves the overall quality of health for patients who need constant attention for optimal results. 

Seeing the benefits of this program, True Life Medicine is now elevating DPC’s benefits through our Direct Primary Functional Care model.

What is Direct Primary Functional Care?

Direct Primary Functional Care is a combination of Direct Primary Care and Functional Medicine.

While DPC focuses on bringing down the hurdles between patients and medical care, Functional Medicine takes an even more personalized approach and understands the issues behind each patient’s healthcare concerns.

When both of these models are combined, you can benefit from direct access, personalized healthcare advice, and constant monitoring of various conditions.

Functional Medicine Consultation

Who Does the Model Benefit the Most?

The Direct Primary Functional Care model is ideal for those patients and families who want to do away with confusing insurance plans and direct healthcare barriers. 

Patients With Chronic Conditions

Since the plan focuses on consistent communication between patients and physicians, it is highly advisable for patients with chronic conditions. By keeping tabs on your overall health and symptoms, you may manage problems including but not limited to inflammation, diabetes, and high cholesterol.

Patients With an Improved Focus on Their Health

The model also works for those who are trying to pay more attention to their immunity. Whether you and your family want to improve your metabolic efficiency or enhance your resilience, having an open communication channel with personalized health advice can help you move towards your goals. 

Patients With a Goal to Achieve Simpler Healthcare

Direct Primary Functional Care isn’t limited to those with chronic illnesses or those who want unbarred access to their physicians. It is ideal for you if you’re going to reduce the problems caused by intricate billing, prescription drugs, and inconvenient office visits. 

How Can You Enroll in the Plan?

The Direct Primary Functional Care program is available through True Life Medicine’s DPC model. It is offered to all patients and families who want to avoid unnecessary complexities in their healthcare experience. 

This means that whether you are trying to manage your chronic illness or merely aspiring to lead a healthier lifestyle, you can enroll in the program to benefit from direct communication with qualified experts. 

To learn more about the program and its overall advantages in your specific case, don’t hesitate to contact us today. We will be glad to understand your concerns and help you with your healthcare journey.