Functional medicine encompasses a holistic understanding of chronic health problems faced by people from all walks of life. By taking detailed accounts of your current symptoms, medical history, and lifestyle routine, this holistic approach establishes a personalized and tailored treatment plan for you. This helps in alleviating problematic symptoms, treating associated conditions, and improving your overall well-being.

At True Life Medicine, our functional medicine program near Pueblo provides you with personalized care practices against an array of symptoms and their associated conditions. With a detailed approach to understanding your health risks and clinical imbalances, we can help you optimally maintain your overall health.

Through True Life Medicine’s functional medicine program, you can continue to manage several issues that may otherwise hinder your quality of life. This includes sudden and chronic problems with women’s health, men’s health, children’s health, and elderly care. Whether you want to make an appointment for yourself or a loved one, schedule your call with our healthcare experts today.

What is Functional Medicine?

The functional medicine model is designed to deliver a more personalized method of care to patients. By design, the approach goes beyond ordinary communication between general physicians and their patients.

In addition to thorough communication with your healthcare provider, this approach also integrates a greater understanding of your personal life and activities. The goal of assimilating these details is to get a picture of your everyday routine, which helps your functional medicine doctor understand its association to various conditions.

In contrast to other medical specialties that focus on select systems in your body, functional medicine takes a broader approach and understands your overall physiology and functions. This approach opens doors to a greater understanding of associated imbalances and provides you with a targeted treatment plan that is unique to you and your clinical assessment.

Some of the functional medicine model’s significant analysis tools include but are not limited to genetics, medical history, and lifestyle. The assessment also collects information regarding your everyday environment to determine the presence of certain toxins and allergens that may be triggering certain symptoms or conditions. The process also calls for a look into stressors such as issues stemming from your professional and personal life.

After having a thorough account of your everyday routine and all related aspects, your doctor can offer a proper plan that caters to your needs. This allows you to live a healthier life that is not constantly disturbed with painful or irritable symptoms.

Benefit From a Holistic Approach to Healthcare

At True Life Medicine, our highly qualified team uses functional medicine to address several conditions. Whether you are concerned for your health or that of your child or your parents, you can look into the functional medicine model to ensure the well-being of your family at all times. If you’re looking for functional medicine in Pueblo, True Life medicine has a program setup for telemedicine appointments and easy access to your doctor.

You’ll benefit from a truly holistic approach. Instead of taking a single glance at each symptom or health issue, functional medicine takes a thorough look at various health problems and their connection with specific conditions, disorders, or diseases.

The functional medicine model also looks at other factors related to your life, such as your dietary routine and your sleeping schedule. This allows your healthcare provider to have a detailed snapshot of your lifestyle and the conditions or triggers that might be causing problems in your overall health. This includes but is not limited to nutritional deficiencies and exertive lifestyle practices.

As a result, functional medicine follows a detailed mechanism for the diagnosis of underlying conditions. The model then provides targeted treatments for specific conditions as well as their associated indications. The treatments may range from regular medication to lifestyle changes, with their execution depending upon your specific symptoms and conditions.

Functional Medicine Addresses Various Issues

The functional medicine approach makes sure to treat the overall and underlying issue. For instance, if you are experiencing common or rare symptoms, you don’t get brushed away. Our approach differs from others in that we do not exclusively treat the symptoms alone.

On the contrary, functional medicine from True Life Medicine near Pueblo makes a point to find, manage, and treat the underlying disease or imbalance, which is the root cause of your symptoms. This makes sure that you can find relief from painful or irritable symptoms while also getting help with their associated cause.

Some of the conditions managed by functional medicine include but are not limited to:

  • Allergies

  • Alzheimer’s disease

  • Arthritis

  • Asthma

  • Autoimmune diseases

  • Cardiovascular disease

  • Chronic pain

  • Diabetes

  • Digestive conditions

  • Menopause

  • Reproductive health disorders

Since these issues are often related to chronic illnesses, functional medicine has become a popular way of diagnosing and managing such conditions. But our approach doesn’t end at chronic illness management. It extends to regular health and well-being that could be affected by various physical, mental, and emotional triggers. In every case handled by the functional medicine team at True Life Medicine, treatment approaches are followed after a deeper understanding of your medical history.

For instance, if you are feeling stressed due to work, functional medicine can take that into account and suggest practices to calm and soothe yourself. Conversely, if you are physically exhausted without doing much, our specific approach will look at your diet and exercise to help you regain your stamina. These decisions are made in accordance with tools such as your functional medicine matrix and your medical timeline.

Contact Your Functional Medicine Provider Today

With True Life Medicine’s functional medical program, you can seek relief from various conditions by having our team assess and treat their root cause. As a result, you can go beyond eliminating symptoms and get real help with the underlying disease. This lets you and your family enjoy a healthier lifestyle.

To get started with functional medicine today, schedule your call with the True Life Medicine family. We look forward to getting you on the path to better health and your True Life.