Functional Medicine Consultation

Specialty Care

Approximately 45% of the US population suffers from at least one chronic disease. That’s a staggering 133 million Americans that are dealing with daily health struggles in some capacity. We can treat all of these diseases and often can help our patients actually rid their body of the disease by addressing the root cause. Through an extensive, customized plan, we treat Diabetes, Heart disease, Hashimoto’s, Hyper- or Hypothyroid, arthritis, Lyme’s disease, Fibromyalgia, Pre-Dementia, Celiac disease, Auto-immune disorders, and much more. 

Direct Primary Functional Care

Our newest addition to our healthcare plans provides patients and families direct access to a healthcare professional without the hassle of long waits, rushed visits and frustrating insurance billing. This is a preventative partnership to help improve and maintain your health on a regular basis. We still create a customized health journey for you focused on your primary health markers, but this plan focuses on those that do not have acute issues to address and simply want to live their True Life to the fullest capacity. Family plans are also available to treat children, teenagers and adults.  

Direct Primary Functional Care | True Life Medicine

We are excited to offer a new way of caring for your family.
Direct Primary Functional Care will give you more access to the practice, lower cost, a proactive approach to your health with a functional mindset. Don’t wait for problems to come up! Direct Primary Functional Care is available now.