Is Alternative Medicine in Colorado Springs Actually Based in Science?

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Is Alternative Medicine in Colorado Springs Actually Based in Science?

The phrase “alternative medicine” is tossed around by many people across the internet. Chances are, you’ve heard that alternative medicine is not to be trusted and even unsafe. Or maybe you’ve stumbled upon a sketchy website of a doctor claiming to practice alternative medicine but only trying to push a product.


These stereotypes, however, can be harmful since they prevent people like yourself from receiving the treatment and healing they need. 


We should reframe alternative medicine to simply mean any type of medicine that doesn’t fall under the umbrella of Western medicine and pharmaceuticals. Alternative therapies might include functional medicine, chiropractic, certain nutritionists, integrative medicine, and many other specialties. Let’s discuss types of alternative medicine and debunk the myth that alternative medicine isn’t science-based.


What is Alternative Medicine?

The term “alternative medicine” includes any form of medicine that’s not conventional, or in other words, healthcare that isn’t part of your traditional hospital system. In some Colorado Springs circles, alternative medicine is widely accepted because of its immense value in treating common illnesses. 


The main distinction between traditional and alternative medicine isn’t actually the methods or practices, though. When it comes to treating disease, doctors of alternative medicine have a completely different philosophy. 


You show up at a Colorado Springs doctor’s office because you’re experiencing pain, discomfort, or other troublesome symptoms. After spending a long time in the waiting room, you often see your doctor for a short time. Treatment normally involves a certain prescription or supplement to start taking. Then you’re sent on your way. That’s a common experience with “conventional” medicine. 


Alternative medicine doctors don’t focus on treating an individual disease; instead, they focus on healing the entire person from the inside out. They view the body as a system of interconnected parts, all working together. If one part of the system is suffering, the entire body won’t function properly. This is why people use the word holistic when describing alternative medicine. 


Alternative medicine often seeks to treat the source of a disease—instead of surface-level symptoms—through a variety of therapies and techniques.


Is Alternative Medicine Based in Science?

The word “alternative” often throws people for a loop. Traditional doctors tend to condemn alternative medicine as “quackery” and not “real” treatment. Why should you take a risk and venture into the field of alternative medicine?


The truth is, many alternative medicine doctors receive just as much science-backed training and certification as conventional doctors. Many alternative medicine doctors started out as conventional doctors before receiving further training for functional and alternative medicine, just like Dr. Randolph James at True Life Medicine in Colorado Springs. 


Admittedly, there are plenty of sketchy alternative medicine practices out there, but that’s true for major hospitals as well. Any authentic alternative medicine doctor will have received years of professional training from highly accepted people in the medical community. Be sure to research the credentials and facilities of your doctor in question. 


Working With an Alternative Medicine Doctor in Colorado Springs

“Alternative medicine” is an umbrella term for many types of treatment. This might be part of the reason why alternative medicine is frowned upon by many people. For example, chiropractic medicine is highly accepted and esteemed, whereas Reiki is much different and considered “less acceptable.” The difference often comes down to cultural misunderstandings and hearsay.


There are several main techniques currently considered as alternative medicine:


  • Chiropractic medicine
  • Massage therapy
  • Reiki
  • Acupuncture 
  • Magnetic therapy
  • Chinese medicine
  • Herbal medicine
  • Homeopathy


Alternative medicine techniques focus on different problems in the body and have varying approaches to health. For example, chiropractic focuses on structural health while herbal medicine benefits the internal body.


True Life Medicine’s Approach to Alternative Medicine

How does True Life Medicine approach alternative medicine in Colorado Springs? Dr. Randolph James (MD, ABFM, IFMCP) heads up our medical practice. He grew up as part of a medical and military family, and his wife is a nurse. Dr. James served as a doctor for while in the military, and he then went on to establish True Life Medicine. Click here to read more about Dr. James.


At True Life Medicine, we seek to form a quality partnership with our patients and help them achieve a true, thriving life. Through techniques and treatment 100% based in science, we help you address the underlying cause of an illness and prevent future health issues. This emphasis on prevention sets True Life Medicine apart.


What does this look like?


Our partnership begins via a 15-minute discovery call that’s free of charge. During this call, we’re able to learn about your health concerns and goals for working with us. Then we’ll be able to prescribe a specific treatment for your health situation.


Next comes an in-depth consultation with Dr. James. He will dig deeper into your health situation—for example, analyzing family history, lifestyle, genetics, environmental factors, and diet. Together, you’ll identify your desired health results and take another step toward your True Life.


The final puzzle piece in a treatment plan is utilizing our cutting-edge tech and laboratory to further analyze your genetics and biochemical makeup. Then we’ll lay out a plan that’s 100% custom to you. No more over-the-counter medications or other one-size-fits-all prescription plans. True Life Medicine provides treatment that’s just as unique as you are.


Alternative Medicine in Colorado Springs

If you’re looking for alternative medicine in Colorado Springs, True Life Medicine is the place to start. We’re ready to help you find your True Life, using traditional and alternative medicine techniques that are backed by science. You can rest assured that you’re receiving treatment that’s proven and entirely unique to your health situation. 

Get started by booking your free discovery call today.

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