Is Functional Medicine Worth It?

Functional medicine is worth it

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Is Functional Medicine Worth It?

In today’s world, the name of the game is saving money. For chronic illness, relief may seem financially out of reach. While functional medicine seems the natural choice for health and wellness, many people worry about their treatments’ potential costs. Is functional medicine worth it?


Functional Medicine is an Investment in Your Health

Because the nature of functional medicine is to address your whole-health picture, it’s an investment well worth making. Whether you’re seeking treatment for a general condition or looking to manage a chronic illness, integrative medicine finds the root causes of your symptoms. It addresses these causes to restore your body’s harmony and balance. 


Favorable Outcomes

In 2019, the Cleveland Clinic released a study showing that 31% of patients treated with functional medicine reported a 5-point improvement in their physical health, based on their PROMIS® (Patient-Reported Outcomes Measurement Information System®) results. 


PROMIS® is a questionnaire designed to measure patients’ physical and mental health. The questionnaire evaluates pain, fatigue, gastrointestinal complaints, emotional well-being, and other health-related factors over time.


Is functional medicine worth it? Absolutely. The Cleveland Clinic Study’s findings proved what functional medicine doctors and patients already know: integrative medicine provides effective treatment and favorable outcomes.


A True Partnership for Your Health Journey

While conventional medicine is committed to your health, it generally focuses on a one-size-fits-all approach to manage symptoms of an illness or disease process. Often, office visits are limited to 15 minutes each. Patients with multiple health concerns frequently receive referrals to specialists for further evaluation and treatment—which come with costs that quickly add up.


Functional medicine is also committed to your health but focuses on your complete well-being. It also focuses on your power to control your own health. To a functional medicine doctor, treatments and wellness plans are created specifically for your body’s needs to alleviate symptoms by removing their causes. 


Functional medicine doctors spend time with their patients to fully understand and evaluate health concerns and ensure that patients understand how to implement their customized treatment plans successfully. They provide the tools and the knowledge to help you master your health journey. Partnering with a functional medicine doctor is an investment in your health, yes, but the lasting healing of functional medicine is well worth it. 


Upfront Costs

Functional medicine can be used for primary care or as a supplement to conventional treatments. Whatever path you choose for your functional medicine journey, your provider gives you fair and upfront pricing without any surprise add-ons. You’ll know exactly how much your visits and wellness plans will cost without confusing insurance forms, deductibles, non-covered services, and copays.


Will Insurance Cover Functional Medicine?

While functional medicine doctors traditionally do not accept insurance, they can provide the billing codes and documentation you need to submit your claim independently. 


Some Aspects of Your Treatment May be Covered

Even if your insurance doesn’t cover functional medicine office visits, you may have coverage for other aspects of your care, including bloodwork, X-rays, and additional testing.


Additionally, if your functional medicine doctor prescribes more conventional drugs for treatment, your prescription plan may pick up the cost.


Check with your insurance provider to determine if you have functional medicine treatment coverage. You may be surprised; some big players in health insurance are branching out to cover functional medicine treatments. You may also find alternative insurance plans, such as discount medical plans, that will reimburse you for your medical care. Lastly, most Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) can be used for functional medicine services.


Functional Medicine Can Save You Money

How does functional medicine save you money? Let’s take a closer look.


Saying Goodbye to Your Pharmacist

Did you know that the average American pays around $1300 per year on prescription drugs? If you don’t have insurance, the cost is even more staggering. Lyrica, a commonly prescribed drug for chronic pain, costs up to $720 a month without prescription coverage.


Pharmacy plans are very selective about what drugs they cover, and some patients find themselves in a battle with insurance to validate their need for prescriptions. Noncovered drug costs place some patients in the position of paying for their medications or buying food. A 2016 survey showed that 14% of Americans without prescription coverage skipped doses or didn’t fill their prescriptions. 


Conversely, patients frequently rely less on these costly (and potentially harmful) prescription medications with a functional medicine approach. 


Functional medicine takes power away from the insurance companies and places it exactly where it belongs: in your hands. This distinction alone makes functional medicine costs worth it for many people.


Single Point of Care

Even if you have insurance, the splintered health approach in conventional medicine may require you to visit multiple specialists to manage your health. Dermatologists, allergists, and other specialty practices require copayments for their services, and each may issue a costly prescription to help manage your symptoms. 


Additionally, the hassle of obtaining a referral for services may require a visit to your primary care doctor, along with another copayment.


Because of functional medicine’s holistic, whole-body approach, one provider can often act as a single point of care for your health-related concerns. The time, stress, and money saved make functional medicine well worth it!


Is Functional Medicine Worth It?

The question isn’t “can I afford to use functional medicine,” it’s “can I afford not to use functional medicine?”  


There is a reason why more and more patients in Colorado Springs think that functional medicine is worth it.

Ready to find out more? True Life Medicine, a premier provider of functional medicine health services in Colorado Springs, welcomes you to schedule a free, no-obligation discovery call to explore the benefits of our holistic, whole-body wellness programs and treatment plans. We make functional medicine worth every penny—and many more.

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