This is a Program. We are not a medical practice that merely reacts when you come in for a need or problem, or waits around for you to develop a problem. Nor are we here for one time appointments. The goal for Members of True Life Medicine is to increase their wellness based on their goals, and we like to look at consistent, scheduled touch points for increasing care and progress in your wellness. Following is a basic timeline of what you can expect, though please know the point is Personalized Medicine, meaning, it is personal. We are not bound by these specific dates and order. There are no limitation on visits, though we generally stay booked ahead 4-5 weeks. What you need and your specific strategy will be decided by you, Dr. James and our Health Coach Jane Enger.



Every Day From Anywhere: Direct Access

The moment you join, we are the hub of your health care. You will be given direct text and online access for your questions, concerns and care. You do not have to wait or be dependent upon in-office visits to engage with us. While this access is not for 24/hour, on-demand responses, you are enable to inquire when your health questions are on your mind and the TLM Team will respond ASAP during normal business hours.

  • Fitbit Plus – Our hipaa compliant text and email portal for TLM patients


Day 1

Comprehensive Functional Wellness Consultation & Evaluation with Dr. James

This is where it starts off. A comprehensive 90-minute consulting session with Dr. James to understand the full context of…you. What your history is, your present condition, and where you want to be in the near and long-term future. This is the launch pad for your “True Life”. Immediately following the appointment, Dr. James will order your extensive labs.

  • Advanced Blood Panel – We utilize Quest Diagnostics and LabCorp.


Day 30

Strategy Session with Dr. James

This is Dr. James primary session. He has the context of you and now has hard data results from your blood tests and advanced diagnostics. This is where the strategy is set for walking out your path to wellness, based on your present health status, and wellness goals.

  • Research and MedEd – If your condition necessitates Dr. James doing further research and counsel with specialists, this is a part of your membership, and of course a level of care insurance does not pay for.
  • Referrals – Dr. James intends to be the hub for your care, helping guide and coordinate referrals to other practitioners, in traditional and alternative medicine, who are Functional Medicine advocates.
  • Therapeutic, Personalized Supplement Strategy – Including medicinal levels of vitamins and more



Day 45

Diet, Nutrition & Exercise Consultation with Health Coach Jane Enger

With the context, diagnosis and prescribed strategy from Dr. James, Jane now joins to help plan out the day-to-day walking out of your path in regards to daily diet, nutrition and exercise. She also administers our in-house diagnostic testing.

  • Body Impedance Analysis – A highly valuable machine to get a baseline on your cellular health and lean and visceral body mass. It is profound in tracking and charting your wellness progress.
  • Heart Math – A revolutionary stress and anxiety management tool and therapy.
  • Nutritional Supplement Strategy – Dr. James, when appropriate, will prescribe dietary supplements. Jane is also key in helping administer and monitor these. We provide the highest quality supplements in-house and at a deep discount to members.


Day 75

Monitoring & Revision Session with Dr. James

At this point you are making headway, but also drilling down further and it is time to see where we need to revise, add and subtract to further dial in your plan. This visit may be in the clinic or via Skype with video (preferred over phone, but phone is possible if necessary).


Day 90

Check-up Consultation with Jane Enger

How are you doing? What is and is not working, especially in regards to your Diet, Nutrition, Supplements, Exercise and Motivation? Jane has


Day 120

Check-up Consultation with Dr. James

Every 30-45 Days

Ongoing, Scheduled Consults with Dr. James & Jane Enger

The intent is you never leave an appointment or consultation without a scheduled next step, based on Dr. James and Jane’s discernment, and your need. Many patients get so much ongoing care remotely via their Smart Phone, Tablet or Computer, they don’t need full out office appointments or consultations. But whether office, Skype video or phone appointments, or mobile care and direction…the point is scheduled communication to ensure you have the guidance and encouragement you need to keep progressing in your pursuit of wellness!


Day 366

Annual Functional Wellness Consultation & Evaluation with Dr. James

Where are you in your wellness goals? Have you achieved a level you are satisfied with and need less engagement for the following year? A “Maintenance Plan?” Or are there still issues to address and overcome, or a higher level of wellness you are now inspired to achieve?



Remote Access & Care – Fitbit Plus

Again, in between and amidst these scheduled appointments, you have unlimited contact for for your questions, care and progress via our Fitbit Plus app.

Patients who utilize our Fitbit Plus app receive dramatically more care via this remote, anytime access, and requiring far fewer, time consuming in-office visits.