5-TLMWelcome, New Patient! Start here:

First, please know how incredibly honored we are to have you as a patient here at True Life Medicine. We have one goal for you: To help you get…weller. We are now your partners in achieving your wellness goals. The following is needed before your first appointment at the True Life Medicine clinic. We request that you complete this right away, but at the least, it needs to be completed one week prior for us to facilitate your appointment.


Existing patients should fill out the Pre-appointment Status Form

Necessary Patient Documents and Information

The following link will take you into our online patient forms. Please set aside 15-20 minutes to fill these out and submit as soon as possible. Dr. James must have these for review prior to your first appointment. Thank you!

Vital Information You Need To Get Started

Following are some key areas of information and understanding you will need to be aware of before your first visit to True Life Medicine.

Text & Computer Connection

Following your enrollment, you will receive an invitation into FITBIT PLUS. This is our primary communication tool. You can use it from your:

  1. Smart Phone – This is primary, so you can message us from anywhere at any time and you’ll be alerted of our replies.
  2. Tablet, or Computer – This can be used in addition with your Smart Phone so you can type easier. However, it will not alert you of our replies like your Smart Phone will.

While we of course have an office phone, we highly encourage you to do all communication through Patient Halo. Here are the primary reasons:

  • Phone Calls – can often result in you being put on hold, going to voice mail, playing phone tag when we try to call you back, and much opportunity for messages to get lost and get lost in translation.
  • FITBIT PLUS – you get directly to the person you need, they are alerted, your message is archived and can be put into your medical records, and you can communicate with us from anywhere at anytime as you have a though, concern or need. If someone else on the team can offer more help, they can join the conversation. It’s incredibly efficient and effective.

Scheduling Your Four Foundational Appointments

On the day you enroll, we would like to get you scheduled for your first four appointments

  • Appt. 1 / Day 1 – Initial Evaluation Your first appointment, the initial, big evaluation with Dr. James, where he will get a full understanding of…You. Plan on being in the office for two hours.
  • Appt. 2 / Day 30 – Follow-Up Strategy Session This will happen 30 days from your Initial Evaluation, where Dr. James will review your labs and design your initial strategy and path of care. Prepare for one to one and a half hours.
  • Appt. 3 / Day 40 – Health Coaching Session This is your initial session with True Life Health Coach, Jane Enger. She will pick up with Dr. James strategy and get into the details of your daily diet, nutrition, exercise, supplements and more. She also administers our in-house diagnostics; Body Impedance Analysis and HeartMath.
  •  Appt. 4, Day 80 -Virtual Appointments                                                                                                                            Appointment #1 must be performed at the True Life Medicine clinic in Woodland Park, CO. In extenuating circumstances, it can be done via video conference. The other three, foundational appointments, we find greater value in doing face-to-face in the office if possible, but they can definitely be done via video conference, or in limited circumstances, via phone only. Much ongoing care however, can be accomplished via video conference, phone and text.

Keeping Appointments

With the length of appointment times, they are not easily rescheduled. Please know if you miss an appointment, it will generally be a full month before we can get you back in. If you feel you are in jeopardy of missing an appointment, please contact us as soon as possible so we can find the next possible time to get you in.

Acute Appointments

We do not do primary and acute care in the office, we are focused on the long, in depth appointments. But if an issue can be addressed remotely via text (Fitbit Plus app) we will care for you there!


Extensive lab panels are a foundation of your care. Quest Diagnostics is the lab we primarily utilize. A Quest draw site is 1/2 mile from our offices, or  you may choose to get labs done at a draw site near you, there are many.

  • Fasting – For your initial appointment, you need to fast 10 hours prior to having your labs done. If this is not convenient for you on the day of your appointment (especially if it happens to be an afternoon appointment), we will guide you in how to have your labs drawn in a day or two following at a facility close to you.
  • Cost – The labs are relatively expensive, as again, they go far beyond a panel you would have ordered from a traditional medical practice. Please be aware of your insurance and deductible. If it looks like you’ll end up paying anywhere near $500 out of pocket, we can help with options to reduce the cost. Again, the labs are not done by True Life Medicine, but Quest Diagnostics.

Your Health Timeline

You will be sent a link for the Living Matrix after you are initially enrolled and scheduled. This intake form will take a while to complete, possibly an hour and a half. It is vital for your first appointment. You retain this health timeline weather you are with True Life Medicine or not. On the dates it asks for surrounding events, illness and injury, just do your best, but be free to guestimate.

Email & Text Appointment Reminders

To better serve you, we double up on reminders. Our medical records program sends email reminders to you, though these occasionally fall into junk or spam folders. Thus, we also utilize a service that will send text reminders to you. If for some reason the system can’t text you, it will call a landline (when provided) and leave a voice message.

Membership Billing

Your membership fee will bill every month on the same day. The system sends you a reminder the day before it charges, and it sends you an electronic invoice.

Travel, Lodging & Food

For patients traveling from afar for their appointments, here is helpful information.

  • Colorado Springs COS – This is approximately 45 minutes from True Life Medicine. It is a small airport, very nice and efficient.
  • Denver International Airport DIA – Often, cheaper flights can be found. It is about 2 hours, depending on traffic, from DIA to True Life Medicine.
  • Country Lodge – Only one mile from True Life Medicine, this hotel is very nice, with an in-house grill and indoor pool. It’s walking distance to many restaurants (who are we kidding, anywhere in Woodland Park is walking distance to everywhere, it’s a small town!)
  • Eagle Fire Lodge – Only two blocks from True Life Medicine, very nice and unique lodging.
  • Fusion Japan – There are many restaurants in town, but you will be amazed at the quality of sushi here. As sushi is one of the most decadent and healthy foods, the staff at True Life Medicine have “frequent flyer” cards there!
  • Swiss Chalet – A quant, widely known, fine dining experience. People come from far and wide to eat here, just as they do to be patients at True Life Medicine.