This is a direct question to True Life Medicine patients.

If you are an average American, you don’t visit a doctor, clinic or hospital unless something goes wrong. While you know there are healthy or unhealthy choices to be made, there is seldom a longterm, tangible health goal. Illness, immobility and disease are viewed in a very nebulous fashion with an expectation of frequent maladies and an eventual decline in health.

As Dr. James cites, we have a long list of common, everyday, chronic illnesses and discomforts that are considered normal. People will often begin by telling him, “I’m basically healthy! Except for….”, and they give their list of “normal” issues.

This was showcased in the recent Superbowl, which featured multi-million dollar ads for drugs addressing issues such as diarrhea, constipation and toe fungus. Those dollar were wisely spent because those companies knew a high percentage of the viewing audience is suffering from these very things.

But what about you? What is your “normal”? What do you want your normal to be?

In a recent presentation to a business in Colorado Springs, Dr. James asked one of his leading questions, “What is your health goal? Do you want to be in the next Olympics? Or do you want to slide into a nursing home at an early age? Chances are neither, but you’re aiming somewhere in between. The question is where?”

What are YOUR health goals?

What are YOUR health goals?

What do you want?

  • Immobility or Agility
  • Brain Fog or Mental Sharpness
  • Lethargy or Vitality
  • Discomfort or Peace
  • Apathetic or Vibrant
  • Depression or Hope

For True Life Medicine patients, and the movement of Functional Medicine, the foundation of wellness is knowing your goal, then, to again quote Dr. James, “How will you live to be becoming the person you want to be?”

This is where we join patients; clarifying their health and wellness goals, then journeying on the daily path to achieving them.