In honor of National Nurse’s Week, we offer a post by True Life Medicine RN extraordinaire, Lora Jean Allen! The picture was was taken in Jubilee Haiti during a medical mission trip.


Dr. Suess writes about “The Places We’ll Go” on this journey called Life. While we navigate this journey there will be exhilarating mountain peaks and there are sure to be dark turns through deep valleys. Thus becomes the challenge to not just cope but, vitally thrive in the places this journey endeavors.

Just over a year ago I was blessed with the opportunity of becoming the RN with True Life Medicine. This marked a dream come true for my career. When medicine is in the business of melding caring for people and incorporating prevention, there literally unfolds authentic change and healing becomes a beautiful end result. The one and only Dr. James spends endless amounts of loving energy to give our TLM patients the best care possible.   Dr. James along with the True Life Medicine Team provides care that has the ability to lead our patients down a more hopeful road of “Wellerness”.

There are so many healing stories that are blossoming from the patients at True Life Medicine. However, almost every day patients share their struggle to incorporate fully the tools they’ve learned about and added to their toolbox. My encouragement to you would be, do not become dismayed, you see the vision. Don’t lose track of the journey. Jane, TLM’s very own Health Coach often challenges me to examine the journey thus far. Try to catch a glimpse of the positive changes you have incorporated into your nutrition, exercise, sleep, mind, body and soul. Whether small or large they’ve impacted you and the trajectory of your wellness journey. On behalf of True Life Medicine may we say, “Well Done”! Please know whether those changes have been large or small you are celebrated here! We’re so glad that you come to see you at your appointments and we’re blessed with the opportunity to journey along side you. Stay the course; remember it’s a journey and not a race. Continue launching forward with momentum in this new direction. We invite you to engage with us even if you’ve done everything in your clinical care plan from the previous appointment or not. Perhaps, that next appointment will give you just the motivation you need, empowering you with the knowledge to propel you forward in your healing journey, or be that word of encouragement you needed to hear. Please don’t ever be fooled that we have it all together at True Life Medicine when it comes to incorporating the Functional Medicine model. The TLM Staff is on their own journey as well. We would love to talk with you about your present journey, have a cup of tea together, give you a hug, and offer you some hope. Challenge yourself to truly examine your WHY? We’re on your team!

Jane is an avid reader and keeps all of us up to date on our Functional Medicine reading. Last fall she recommended the book, “The Evolution of Medicine” by James Maskell. This book paints a vivid picture of some of the dynamics that True Life Medicine is navigating. Even further the book evidenced a dynamic movement that is changing lives through a new lens of medicine. It is predicted that patients who feel connected have better health outcomes then merely from exercising, eating healthily and refraining from smoking. Part of TLM’s desire is to continue creating a source of community for patients.   “A community is a group of people bound together by gifts and stories”—Charles Eisenstein (pg, 121). True Life Medicine is a cutting edge movement filled with amazing people and incredible stories. If you have any ideas to share about cultivating a deeper sense of community please know your ideas will fall on open ears. Thank you for being a part of this movement.

Maskell quotes, Thomas Alva Edison, “The doctor of the future will give no medication, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, diet and in the cause of prevention and disease” (Maskell, pg. 97). Some of you may know that our very own Dr. James received his first degree in teaching, with the idea of becoming a professor, prior to going to medical school. “The Latin root of doctor is docere, to teach” (The Evolution of Medicine, James Maskell, pg. 96). This is definitely one of Dr. James strongest attributes. He’s not afraid to go deep and teach the patients regarding their diagnosis and disease process. Dr. James is equipped with an incredible support team. Known by his blue steeping tea mug (that recently broke!), smile, passion for work, humble and grateful attitude, and his strong desire to see people healed, we are truly blessed to have a doctor with such a deep vision and willingness to pave a new path going against the grain of traditional medicine.

So thank you True Life Medicine for this beautiful opportunity as an RN to enter this world and work with amazing patients. Thank you to our patients.  Thank you Dr. James, Jane, Sharyn and of course Kev for being an incredible team to work with. It has been a fantastic year. Looking forward to the endless opportunities ahead. I am excited about each of our “wellerness” journeys. We can be empowered to be change agents in these valuable opportunities. “You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that make the existing model obsolete” (R Buckminster Fuller, Maskell, pg. 25).  I’ll leave you with a provoking question you may have heard once or twice before…”What is your definition of True Life?’ How will this shape, mold and cause a change for the bettering of your future?


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