We were recently contacted by an associate in the Functional Medicine industry regarding a new opportunity. He found an affordable insurance alternative that would also reimburse a portion of True Life Medicine patient’s membership fees and supplements.

It is in regards to a “health sharing” organization and informed us of four such entities that had passed the recent Obamacare/Affordable Care Act guidelines.

Health sharing is not technically “insurance”, but in the end, it does function the same. The costs are much lower than traditional insurance, but the qualifications regarding preexisting conditions and showcasing a healthy lifestyle are much higher. In addition, part of what makes these organizations exempt is falling under religious freedom, so there are well-defined lifestyle values you must agree with.

Healthy living and investing in your own wellness obviously runs parallel to the foundation of Functional Medicine. This was the crux of why we were contacted about this offering and why the opportunity exists.

One of the four qualifying organizations, Liberty Healthshare, has recognized the value of people investing in the pursuit of wellness. Specifically, those spending extra out of their pocket, as True Life Medicine patients are, to afford a doctor devoted to more than what traditional medicine and insurance will afford.

A separate product has been created called “Liberty Direct”to enable wellness-minded people to pursue their convictions in a more affordable way. The basic rates for coverage are shockingly low (go here and view under the “Programs” tab). Which initially concerned us, in a “too good to be true” aspect. But we were brought to understanding the caveat is, not everyone qualifies. The very people who are costing healthcare so much, are not approved for coverage. Which benefits those investing in their health. Great, great news.

For True Life Medicine members who are enrolled Liberty Direct, the offer:

  • Subsidization of a portion of the monthly True Life Medicine membership fee – $60/Single – $80/Couple – $100/Family. That’s reimbursement per month.
  • Subsidization of a prescribed Supplemental Therapy Program through True Life Medicine

For disclosure, True Life Medicine is not a part of Liberty. We have simply been approved by Liberty and they are offering benefits to our patients who enroll with them. I, Kevin Miller, enrolled with Liberty on June 10, 2015.

July 15, 2015 UPDATE

The above information was posted and shared with our patients on June 17, 2015. True Life Medicine was part of an initial market introduction program along with a handful of other practices around the country. The program was a far greater success than Liberty had anticipated. We alone accounted for nearly 40 enrollments. They revised the program and it is now fully launched. You can see info and apply now:

Liberty Direct: http://www.LibertyDirect.org

For specific questions regarding coverage, please direct to them to the Liberty website and phone. Questions regarding the Liberty Direct benefits for True Life Medicine patients may be directed to Kevin Miller – kevin@truelifemedicine.com / 719-355-1924