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True Life Medicine


Communication is king regarding your personal wellness care. Phones are unreliable. Voice mail, phone tag and messages lost in translation that depend upon perfect transcription if they need to go into your Patient Records.

HIPAA compliance prohibits the use of regular text and email, which traditional doctors and practices will not use anyway, as insurance only pays for face to face visits. YOU however, are investing beyond what mere insurance will afford.

Thus, our solution for efficient, abundance communication and engagement is ‘Patient Halo’. A compliant portal for rock-solid communication. From the convenience of your Smart Phone or any Computer, you can get directly to True Life Medicine and the specific person you need…immediately.

  1. No more dealing with the phone auto attendant or voice mail.
  2. Get to the right person, right away, immediately.
  3. Our replies come right to your smart phone (if you have one) as a text that you see immediately and can’t miss.
  4. You may also access this via your computer and a browser and type like an email.
  5. This communication platform is totally secure and is HIPAA compliant, which normal text and email is not. *Please discontinue the use of any email. We can incur a fine for transferring patient info this way!
  6. All communication is documented in text which eradicates unavailable missed and mis-communications that invariably happen via phone.
  7. This also allows us to copy appropriate communication verbatim into your Medical Records. Much of phone communication is lost in translation.


You primary wellness team is listed here…and it’s important to see who you go to…for what:

Paula – Medical Assistant & Dr. James

  • Medical questions – there are many, many medical questions she can answer fluently and much quicker than Dr. James.
  • Med refills
  • Referrals
  • Labs
  • Questions for Dr. James

Felicia – Front Desk

  • Scheduling
  • Supplements
  • Billing

Jane Enger – Health Coach

  • Diet & Nutrition
  • Exercise
  • BIA – Body Impedance Analyzer
  • Heart Math

Kevin Miller – Member Advocate

  • Membership Benefits & Services
  • Overall customer service


  • Your Invite – If you need one, email
  • Username – It’s always your email address


  • 513-348-1521 – This is the number you’ll receive a text from, don’t miss it!
  • #1 – Using Patient Halo on your smart phone is the bullet proof communication channel with us. Because…you can’t miss our replies, and we can communicate back and forth wherever you are.
  • Smart Phones – It only works on smart phones, as it’s an app, not regular text
  • Android Users – if you get a message saying the app is not yet available, disregard. Go the the Play Store of wherever you download apps, type in ‘Patient Halo’ and download the app.
  • iPhone Users – when you download the app you’ll have to enter your Apple ID, so be prepared.
  • Notifications – You’ll want to check your ‘Notification’ settings and make sure Patient Halo is set to alert you.

COMPUTER BROWSER SET UP – you’ll receive an invite in your email account from “noreply@dochalo”

  • – this is the “From” address you’ll get the invite from
  • Checking for replies – the primary drawback to using Patient Halo via computer is…the only way you can know we replied is to check it, like you do email.
  • Web Notifications – On the lower left you can go to ‘Account Settings’ and check ‘Web Notifications’. This will pop up a box when we leave you a reply.
  • Pop-up Notification – If you download this script (Windows computers only) you will get an alert even if you’re not logged in to Patient Halo


To send a message in Patient Halo, click the + to choose who you want to get to!



To keep Dr. James focused on patients in front of his face, our intent is to bring him the questions that only he…can answer. It will help to keep questions concise and fairly brief. If you have a very in depth issue, it probably necessitates an in office or virtual appointment.

Jane’s goal is to check and reply to messages daily, Mon-Fri.


  • Phone replacement – we still have a phone! But it’s “taking the stairs instead of the elevator”, and will get you slower service and possible miscommunication. Auto attendant, waiting on hold, voice message phone tag, lost messages… You can choose to use the phone, but it’s choosing the slower, less efficient and less secure method of communication, which is indicative of most medical practices.
  • Response Time – We want to under promise and over deliver. So our initial response time goal is…2 hours. Monday through Friday from 8am to 5pm.
  • After Hours & Weekends – Initially your after hours contact is Kevin Miller. Our staff is not on call after hours and on weekends. We’ll see how we may grow this in the future.
  • Emergencies – If you have an emergency after hours or on weekends and you’re not sure if calling 911 or going to the ER directly is appropriate, Dr. James is on call via our phone system. Just dial in 686-7776 and use Option #7. Please only use if it’s very serious.