Nothing says it better than…hearing from actual patients!

At age of 40 I went to Dr. James at True Life Medicine because I had the flu. I expected to get some antibiotics and go home. I had no idea, but that visit would change my life. After he checked me over for my flu symptoms, he spent the next half hour (or more) talking to me about my life. He asked questions about exercise, diet, hobbies, work, relationships, and what my history was with doctors and my approach to wellness and health in general. 

I explained am a typical guy; I go to the doctor ONLY when something is very wrong. And it usually ends up being an urgent care or emergency room type of visit. I never sought out routine blood tests or screenings of any kind. My approach was to fix something once it was broken. So Dr. James insisted I get a panel of tests to get a baseline of where I was just to make my flu problem wasn’t something more. The tests came back showing my cholesterol was off the charts high, and needed immediate attention. Read more here

He called me back in to the office and explained that I had 2 options; change my life or take a pill. But instead of just letting me pick the easy option, he asked me to take a few minutes to listen to his philosophy on both options – and asked me to be open-mined and thoughtful about how I approach this problem. He knew from our previous visit that I loved the outdoors and being fit, but had gotten way off track from that lifestyle in the past few years. He asked me to try and get this issue in line without pharmaceuticals and if that didn’t work, then we would explore cholesterol management drugs. But he suggested I get back to my active lifestyle, and incorporate some new habits in the process.

With his help, I decided to hit the reset button on my health. He gave me books to read on food and nutrition, he had me see a nutritionist, he had me start an exercise program, and gave me an entirely new way of thinking about health and wellness altogether. I embraced his ideas and approach and educated myself on the power of food, the power of exercise and the power of the mind. Within 6 weeks my cholesterol was in line, I was back in shape and 20 pounds lighter… and my life was forever changed.

8 years later I am still on that same path, and can say it truly changed my life in a way I never expected. Dr. James is an amazing doctor, but most importantly, he is a doctor that approaches medicine and wellness very differently than most. He really is a partner in your journey, and contrary to most doctors, his prescription pad isn’t the first thing he reaches for when you walk in the door. 

Shaun Daggett

The Pikes Peak Guy

Thanks to Dr. Randolph James care, I am now in the best shape of my life at age 35. Over the past year I have lost 65 pounds, gone from pre-diabetic to no sign of onset diabetes, dropped my blood pressure from 140/110 to 110/70, been cured of metabolic syndrome, completely changed the way I eat, and am a fitness fanatic. Thanks Dr. James!

Jarrod Newcom

September 7, 2015 – I was desperate, and considering driving to Boulder and paying even more than the True Life membership fee and other extras, when I discovered that Dr. James had joined the Boulder MD as only the second in the state to be certified in functional medicine by the IFM. True Life Medicine’s business model is unique, and thank God I can still use my insurance for some things. Money is very tight because I had to quit a 30-year-career last summer because of two autoimmune conditions that steal my energy and hijack my brain. The army of specialists I’ve been seeing tell me the only answer is a chemo drug guaranteed to cause more fatigue. They don’t believe nutrition has anything to do with most diseases. But I felt confident after going to one of True Life Medicine’s orientation sessions that Dr. James and his staff would be able to help me make sense of all the data I’ve gathered pointing to nutrition, genetics and stress. During my first (90 minute) visit with Dr. James, he took my whole health history orally, typing it himself into my electronic record. He understands why so many thousands of patients nationwide have given up on traditional medicine and are desperate for non-pharmaceutical ways to regain their health – or at least the RIGHT pharmaceutical help. (Way too many patients, especially women, are dismissed with a script for antidepressants that won’t touch their root issues, but few doctors have the time or desire to look for root causes). Most important, though, is that Dr. James listens. He doesn’t patronize. And his desire to heal is bigger than his ego. He can say “I don’t know, but let’s see if we can find out.” He’s also a big believer in the body/mind/spirit connection (and the gut/brain connection). He brings the best of allopathic experience and expertise into work, but is far ahead of most of his peers regarding nutrition and its relationship to chronic illness. I admire the courage it took for him to risk shifting to a functional medicine paradigm and Thank God he did. For the first time in many years, I am hopeful that I can regain some semblance of health — the ability to work again, to beat back anxiety and let more joy in. To work in my garden anytime I want, or ride my bike without having to crash horizontally for an hour or two afterward. To be able to stand long enough to make a good meal. Basically, I’m hopeful that I can have a life again. And I believe I have a dedicated ally/advocate in Dr. James, as well as his staff members, as I embark upon that journey.
Loretta Vailpando

I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia 4 years ago. My life and work (overseas) was pretty much devastated by the pain and inability to function normally. I thank God for an understanding and long-suffering husband! The various doctors I consulted with took me through a long list of strong anti-depressant/seizure related medications (Cymbalta, Lyrica, gabapentin, venlafaxin, and many others, including sleep inducing medicines)…until we found the combination that provided some relief with the least amount of negative effects on my system. Strangely, only one of these doctors suggested vitamin supplements and none of them suggested any major changes in my diet. And I was at a breaking point. In January of this year some new acquaintances suggested (strongly!) that I consult with Dr. Randy James at True Life Medicine in Woodland Park, Colorado, since we were in the area at the time.Read more here
I won’t go into all the details of bloodwork and diet change (I call it “Extreme Paleo” 🙂 Dr. James had me begin, because you can read all about it on this website! But I will say that I left his office determined, by the grace of God, to radically alter my lifestyle and to take further steps to eliminate certain giant enemies from my diet…which I had no idea were attacking my immune system and basically making it impossible for me to experience healing and health! I am so excited to be now living life on a higher physical, emotional and mental plain! I am also looking forward to weaning off the gabapentin, venlafaxin, etc. soon, Lord willing!! Thanks to all the competent and caring folks at True Life!!!
Laurie Williams

I have loved my experience at True Life. My journey with Dr. James began about three years ago. To everyone around me and most doctors I probably seemed like a perfectly healthy endurance athlete. But I felt I was not quite where I wanted to be. Where other doctors in my past would have just written me off as maybe being a bit too much of a perfectionist, Dr. James listened and understood my quest to find My “True Life”. Needless to say, I became even healthier and wiser under his care. I am also now pregnant with my first child with the help of Dr. James’ guidance over the years and so far people have been amazed at how smoothly my pregnancy has gone. I’ve learned true health doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive, you just need to be consistent and willing to think outside of the boxes that society has created over the years.
Teri Pitman