Randolph James, MD, ABFM, IFMCP


James-222_copy_Randy head shotGrowing up part of a medical and military family, I learned a lot of the values and passion that characterize my practice

today. Entering my collegiate years, I watched my physician father start to practice medicine a new way, before it

became more acceptable to treat patients with an “alternative” thought process. Considering a career in medicine

myself, it took me a while to make up my mind considering I had a lot of other interests to pursue. I first received my

Bachelor’s degree in History and Foreign Service from Baylor University and went on to an intensive language program

earning a Master’s in German through Middlebury College. After finishing those studies at the University of Mainz in

Germany and discovering that I definitely didn’t want to be a professor after all, I decided to go back to the original

pursuit of medical school and earned my MD from the University of Kansas in 1998.


It was inspiring to watch my dad (an ENT surgeon and allergy specialist) recognize that surgery wasn’t always the

necessary or best treatment for many of his patients, many who started to get better with nutritional and supplemental

changes to their lifestyle instead. Hearing the stories of how he was changing the health and lives of his patients with

this approach, and seeing their gratitude because their lives had been improved with his guidance, inspired me to study

and apply medicine in the same way. I especially remember a hiking trip to Mt. St. Helens together. On the way to the

trailhead he was asked by a fellow bus passenger about a medical issue, and after a few short minutes, many people

were craning their necks to hear more. That settled it! Still young and early in my medical training, I knew that I would

practice the kind of medicine that captured the heart of people in this way.


After completing my Internship and Family Practice Residency with the USAF at Womack Army Medical Center, I was

pleased to serve my country and the military community for 9 years of active duty. During this time I was a “regular”

doctor, treating patients to the best of my ability in the traditional western manner. It did not take long to realize that

my dad was right – treating illness once it sets in just doesn’t seem like the best approach to manage and maintain

health. Functional Medicine’s approach (developed by the Institute for Functional Medicine, IFM) finally offered the

evidence-based curriculum and teaching necessary to recognize root-causes of illness along with the methods for

prevention or healing. For me, this approach to medicine has been much more successful and fulfilling. I completed my

board certification with IFM last year, and I am able to offer my patients an elevated level of care that focuses on the

individual, not limited by a reactive treatment approach.


Developing True Life Medicine (TLM) is something my family has been a part of as well. My wife is a nurse, and we are

raising 3 energetic young boys, ages 4-9. Being active and protecting our health is something we value; we know

wellness is earned. It allows us to pursue our interests and tackle life’s demands, whether it’s hiking our beautiful Rocky

Mountains or meeting deadlines and building relationships.


It hasn’t been easy raising kids (potty-training, food allergies, and too many spelling tests come to mind) while also

pursuing the additional training for Functional Medicine and developing a private practice unlike any current models;

however, I’m enjoying the response I’ve received from my patients. When we connect in a real way it reminds me that

this is what I am compelled to do – that people need and desire to develop a plan for their wellness. That is why I am

devoted to partnering my skills with the interests of my patients by offering specialized time and discernment, as well as

advanced diagnostic testing and analysis, utilizing the most current research and referrals available in our area. My goal

is to be available to you in practical ways like email, virtual appointments, and quick responses to basic inquiries to

better serve you outside the standard office visits.


When it comes to the relationships with my patients, I want to help define what “True Life” is for them. I am honored to

be invited into your lives in such a significant way!