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Following is the information that is critical to your care at True Life Medicine. Please complete and submit within one week of your enrollment:

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What are the specific, bullet point issues you are primarily at True Life Medicine to address?
Of course you may be here because you don’t know what led up to your issues. Understood. But if you have some ideas of past events, circumstances, actions or anything that may have added to the ingredients of your issue, please tell us here.
While that may seem like a big, broad question, it’s very serious. Just as your health is very personal and unique and we can not address your issues with a cookie cutter approach, we want to know how you desire to be cared for. Your context may come from experiences you have had with other medical providers
To get to the root causes of your wellness, necessitates an in depth understanding of…you. This is a place to be fully know.
Dr. James likes to reference to ends of the spectrum. Are you hoping to be in the upcoming Olympics? Or are you trying to slide into a nursing home? It’s probably somewhere between those two. Where? What level of health, wellness, ability and vitality are you aiming for?

Personal Info (not required, but helpful for context!)