Patient Fees & Pricing

The in depth, Functional Medicine care provided through True Life Medicine goes far beyond what traditional insurance will cover, and by them is labeled as “preventative and wellness”. Thus we do not take insurance and have an annual or monthly membership fee based model that affords our true, healing care.

Questions? Please contact us: email or 719-686-7776

Membership Options

Getting to the root cause issues of your health and wellness is not a quick fix. It took your body a long while to develop levels of deficit and it will take a while to improve and hopefully, get corrected, thus we look at an all inclusive, annual program.

The program fees are based on the time, energy and expertise invested in you which is heavier on the front end.


OPTION 1: True Life Transformation – $3,409.20 annual or $249 per month with an initial $800 initial Consult fee

This is full engagement for 12-months to comprehensively address where you are currently and where you want to get to with your overall health and wellness. It includes the following:

  • Pre appointment review of your 1) Functional Medicine Patient intake form, and 2) Living Matrix health timeline
  • 1.5 hour Initial Consultation with Dr. James to gain full context on you, your health status and health goals
  • Advanced lab panel order (see notes below)
  • 1.5 hour Strategy Session with Dr. James to review your labs and create an individual treatment plan
  • 1 hour initial Consult with Functional Medicine Health Coach, Jane Enger, MPH to address daily lifestyle design
  • Mobile Access – Monday through Friday during normal business hours (excluding Thursday) you have mobile access to the True Life team via our Fitbit Plus app for your quick medical questions, contact with our Functional Medicine coaches, and scheduling needs (very convenient)
  • Strategic schedule of consistent appointments with Dr. James and Jane Enger to monitor and revise your plan throughout the year to ensure you are progressing toward your goals
  • Phone appointments – For your convenience, you may choose to have your appointment via phone or skype (this excludes the first appointment, which needs to be in person)
  • IV Therapy – Intravenous vitamin infusions at a greatly reduced cost
  • Trustworthy, professional grade supplements at a 20% discount
  • Near and Far Infrared Light Therapy – unlimited use
  • Body Impedance Analyzer – unlimited use
  • HeartMath – unlimited use/training


  • YOU ARE THE BOSS: We work FOR you. You establish your health goals. We are here to help you achieve them. Overall results and timeline are heavily influenced by your depth of issues and your level of engagement. Of course, nobody is a perfect patient (just as there are no perfect doctors!), but your level of compliance to your own personalized, prescriptive plan (that we help you to design) weighs heavily on your outcome. But know, we are with you and here to support, encourage, and inspire you!
  • OUT OF STATE: If you are out of state, your first appointment must happen in our clinic, however all following appointments may be by phone.
  • LAB PANEL: The advanced lab panel is additional and is ordered through Quest Diagnostics or Labcorp. You may utilize your insurance when paying these providers. If you do not have insurance that will participate, or if you have a high deductible plan, we can provide a cash pay option through Quest Diagnostics that will bring the typical initial panel to $400-$850 depending on what Dr. James feels you need.
  • PRIMARY CARE: We do not provide primary care. We strongly advise our patients to remain in relationship with their primary care provider.
  • GRADUATING: The point is to help you reach your goals. Patients who complete 12 months of care may be eligible for an “Alumni Plan” with less engagement and less cost.


OPTION 2: Functional Medicine Consultation & Strategy – $1,650 package fee

For those who simply want an expert Functional Medicine, individualized, root cause analysis of their current health status and a plan to set them on a path toward improved health without the long-term, comprehensive care of our “Transformation” program, this is a one-month option:

  • Pre appointment review of your 1) Functional Medicine Patient intake form, and 2) Living Matrix health timeline
  • 1.5 hour Initial Consultation with Dr. James to gain full context on you, your health status and health goals
  • Advanced Functional Medicine lab panel (additional cost which depends on the labs ordered)
  • 1.5 hour Strategy Session with Dr. James to review your labs and create an individual treatment plan
  • 1 hour Initial Consultation with Functional Medicine Health Coach, Jane Enger, MPH to address daily lifestyle design

*Family Rates – We offer 15% off for a family member.

 How it Works

Here are some bullet points to help you understand what starting out as a patient looks like.

  • Enrolling – Simply call us at 719-686-7776 or email us and we will have someone get with you right away.
  • Payment – At the time of enrollment, we will take your payment information and your decision on paying monthly or annually, depending on the package you choose. A $100 Appointment Deposit will be charged immediately – this is not an extra charge, but taken from your initial month, annual payment or package rate. Your payment plan will officially start three days before your first scheduled appointment.
  • First New Patient Appointments – We generally stay booked 12-16 weeks out, so be aware that when you enroll there will be a bit of a wait to get you in for your first appointment.
  • Think Annual – You are not paying for monthly appointments, but a full array of care that includes in-office appointments, remote care, in house diagnostics, discounts on supplements and more.
  • No Contract – You are not bound by any contract, you may remain a patient as long as you desire. If you decide to discontinue, just let us know.
  • Meet & Great – We often get this request, “Can I meet with Dr. James before I make such a commitment?” It is a completely understandable request. We do not do this however, as we stay booked out a good ways with new patient enrollments. What we do offer is this – if after your first appointment you do not wish to continue, you may stop immediately. We base our fees on $400 per hour for Dr. James, so you will have received $600 of his time for under $275 or $247. If you paid for an annual plan, we will refund all but $275. We are proud to say we have never been asked to do this, but it is a standing offer for your security.
  • Labs – A very extensive lab panel is paramount to your care. These labs are not included in your fees to True Life Medicine, we utilize Quest Diagnostics. If you believe your insurance will not cover the costs, we can help you with cash pay prices to Quest Diagnostics to help keep the out of pocket costs around $600.
  • Supplements – As the modern diet can not supply the nutrients we need for optimal health, Nutritional Supplements are a staple. Prospective patients are often concerned about how much additional expense this will add. Dr. James is very sensitive to supplements being taken unnecessarily and tries to minimize intake as much as possible. Additionally we provide access to the highest quality supplements and a negotiated 20% discount from the supplier.

Your Foundational Start

1. Comprehensive Functional Wellness Consultation & Evaluation with Dr. James – This is where it starts off. A comprehensive consulting session with Dr. James to understand the full context of…you. What your history is, your present condition, and where you want to be in the near and long-term future. You’ll fill out a comprehensive medical and health history, have an extended visit with Dr. James (on site at our clinic is preferred) and an extensive lab panel drawn (Quest Diagnostics employs a full time phlebotomist in the clinic for your convenience – this lab fee is not included in your membership).

2. Follow-Up Strategy Session with Dr. James – 30 days out – This is Dr. James paramount session. He has the context of you and now has hard data results from blood tests and advanced diagnostics. This is where the strategy is set for walking out your path to wellness, based on your goals.

3. Diet, Nutrition & Exercise Consultation with Health Coach Jane Enger – 40 days out – With the context, diagnosis and prescribed strategy from Dr. James, Jane now joins to help plan out the day-to-day walking out of your path in regards to daily diet, nutrition and exercise. She also administers our in-house diagnostic testing.

4. Follow-Up Implementation Progress with Dr. James – 75 days out – This is a significant check up to monitor your progress and adjust your trajectory.

Every 45-60 Days – Going forward you will be scheduled for ensuing appointments and/or touch points with your Providers every 45-60 days.

Daily Contact –  You are walking out and living within your health, minute by minute, every day. When you have a Question, Concern, or Idea, contacting your team of Providers at True Life Medicine as easy as a quick message in our Fitbit Plus app, right when you are thinking of it. While this is not a “doctor-on-call” our team will respond during normal business hours.

Highlights of the True Life Medicine Membership

The point is lots of engagement, monitoring and care. Getting “weller” is a process. A very invested process!


Functional Wellness Consultation & Evaluation✔ Included
Diet, Nutrition, & Exercise Coaching & Counsel ✔ Included
Virtual Visits: Telephone and Video Consultations✔ Included
In-House Wellness Measurements✔ Included
Individual Patient Research✔ Included
Discounted Nutritional Supplements✔ Included
Anywhere Communication & Guidance✔ Included
Remote Primary Care Counsel✔ Included
Referral Network Consistent With Functional Medicine✔ Included