mem·ber – an individual, thing, or organization belonging to a group.


There are a multitude of Medical Doctors and Practices you may seek care from. In the state of Colorado there are only three board certified Doctors who are also certified Functional Medicine Practitioners (IFMCP), and only 130 worldwide. Dr. Randolph James at True Life Medicine in Woodland Park, Colorado is one of these.

What Does Membership Get You?

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Becoming a Member

True Life Medicine is open to anyone, but along with your insurance, to get Dr. James in depth time and his Functional Medicine care, there is also a $400/hr fee for these non-insured benefits (the insurance reimbursement will be deducted from the hourly fee).  98% of his time is devoted to a core membership of 500 patients who desire the intimate relationship and necessary investment of time and skill to get to root cause issues, minimizing or curing illness, and achieving their best health.
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We do take insurance! It works exactly as it would at any other medical practice. For all in-office visits, you will pay the regular co-pay required by your insurance company. Your Membership Fee pays for the Functional Medicine care insurance will not cover, plus the other Member Benefits. Important to understand, through our “Functional Medicine On-Call” service and Member’s Community, you will receive a substantial amount of your care without every having to visit the practice! Saving you time, money and unwellness.