When you live at 8,500′ above sea level in the Rockies you can’t help but be fond of Aspen and Fir trees. But as a practitioner of Functional Medicine, I’m passionate about this tree. It’s a stark visualization of ’cause and effect’.

Traditional medicine is exceptional at dealing with the brown leaves on a single, compromised branch. In effect the best of our technologies amounts to spray painting our leaves green again and calling it healthy.

Imagine being stuck in a small room with a mosquito that repeatedly bites you, over and over. And you apply anti-itch cream to each bit. Continually…all day long. And the next, and the next.

At some point, might it be best to turn your focus to the mosquito? And swat that thing down?!

If you’re a True Life Medicine Member, you are getting well acquainted with the issues below the surface. The root causes.

If you’re new here, take a look at them and contemplate where you may lacking and where your “effects” may be growing from.