This question is intended for True Life Medicine Members, but open for all to respond.

Where do you need support for your Wellness journey? Granted, you are here at True Life Medicine to get care from Dr. James and our health coach, Jane Enger. But in polling our members, we want to know where to put our efforts:

  1. Diet & Nutrition – understanding what primary types of food you should and should not be consuming for optimum health and discerning and walking out the specific daily and long-term plan for you. Including dealing with food intolerances and deficits.
  2. Exercise & Mobility – an active lifestyle is necessary for wellness, but what is viable and relevant for you?
  3. Other Wellness Providers – Dr. James and Jane Enger are your core guides, but of course not the providers for every area of specialty. Amongst all the traditional medical providers, a unique aspect of True Life Medicine is the understanding and collaboration with ‘alternative’ providers, such as chiropractors, massage therapists, physical therapists, acupuncture, counselors and more.
  4. Teaching & Awareness – There is no end of content regarding health and wellness, but what is relevant to you and what can you trust? In obviously trusting your provides at True Life Medicine, do you desire more overall wellness teaching and training on the lifestyle pursuit of overall wellness and abundance of vitality?
  5. Spirit & Mind – Traditional medicine as a whole is focused on the physical. Yet it’s been proven time and time again that healthy “spirit & mind” can overcome great physical habits, and conversely the best physical habits can be sabotaged by poor “spirit and mind” health.

If you’ll respond below it will help us…help you. Thank you! – Kevin