Functional Medicine Resources

Institute for Functional Medicine
This is home base for all things Functional Medicine. Dr. James is one of only 130 fully IFM certified Medical Doctors on planet earth.

Food Rules: An Eater’s Manual by Michael Pollan
Incredible and entertaining book that can be read in an hour, highlighting the fallacies of our Western diet. Highly recommended by Dr. James.

Born To Run – A Hidden Tribe, Superathletes, and the Greatest Race the World Has Never Seen – by Christopher McDougall
Another wonderful book advocated by Dr. James that did much to fuel the minimalist running phenomenon.

True Life Medicine Resources

True Life Medicine Facebook Page
Connect with us here where we’ll post news on relevant resources for your Wellness!

Potter’s Inn
Dr. James is great advocate of this ministry devoted to “Soul Care”.

Woodland Park Farmer’s Market
Whole food, local food and full of life!