“Fast food” has its root back to the 1920s, with the “kitchen assembly line” and production line principles firmly established by the 1940s. For most people used to creating daily home cooked meals for their family, this was a great convenience! I remember it in my own upbringing. Every week or so instead of mom laboring over dinner, she or dad would pick up a few bags of burgers and fries or tacos. It was easy, cheap and fun.

But it was an infrequent insertion into an otherwise healthy diet of fresh, whole foods and relaxed, fulfilling mealtimes.

Fast forward to today and for much of the culture, fast food and it’s cousin of processed, convenience foods are the primary diet, while the healthy mealtime of truly wholesome food is the rarity. And our illness, disease, waistlines and wrecked healthcare system bears the fruit of this reality.

I’m not going to belabor how we got here with today’s “healthcare” sytem. But everyone knows the average visit to the doctor is not as the days of old either. It’s a 5-15 minute, rushed visit focused on finding and naming the problem, and prescribing something to treat it.

When high blood pressure is detected, there are powerful drugs to help get it back down. It has a code that health insurance recognizes and covers, 99213. It is a brief appointment to discover a problem that already exists, and prescribe a medication to treat the symptoms.

There is no code for “Let’s undevelop the acute problem that has developed over a long period of time.”

If a doctor wants to do more, they must go beyond what insurance pays for. In today’s normal medical practice, this is simply not an option. Board members, shareholders and the system at large is not built for this.

Cry foul where you will, but presently, it is what it is.

Which leaves you where? Being well is complex. Our physical and mental realities are made up of many things.

When you want a sit-down, full course medical experience that is focused on getting and keeping you as well as you desire to be, what do you do and where do you go?

“Concierge” medicine is on the rise, where you get red carpet access including near immediate appointments, more time with the doctor, and sometimes 24/7 text or email access. It is still primarily founded in traditional medicine and acute care.

To dive into root cause issues and minimizing or eradicating chronic illness and disease, is a different matter altogether. This is the foundation of Functional Medicine, but there are admittedly few providers for such a big need (approx. 130 fully FM certified Medical Doctors globally).

Here in Colorado, Jill Carnahan of Flat Iron Functional Medicine in Boulder, CO is widely renowned. She does not take insurance, charges $440 per hour and has a 12+ month waiting list to get in. Here at True Life Medicine, Dr. James has adopted an insurance and monthly retainer model and limits the practice to 500 patients.

Most people are not accustomed to paying beyond their insurance for “healthcare”. But as this only affords “fast medicine”, the tides are turning. We’d be happy to talk to you about a full course of wellness care.