An odd question at first glance, isn’t it? When discussing the need for medications and prescriptions, you’ll invariably hear me┬árecite the same mantra. Let’s look at a few common maladies:

  • Headaches – “If you are having frequent headaches, it’s not because your body has a deficiency of Aspirin, Ibuprofen or Tylenol.”
  • High blood pressure – “If you have high blood pressure, it’s not because you have a deficiency of Bystolic, Diovan or Exforge. “
  • Insomnia – “If you’re struggling with insomnia, it’s not because you have a deficiency of Ambien, Lunesta or Sonata.”

It sound elementary, but our culture has grown into living as if these statements were truth. While extreme cases exist where medications and prescriptions may be needed long term, for most, they can absolutely achieve a drug free life.

We must shift to asking “Why?” Why are we having headaches, high blood pressure, insomnia and an exhaustive list of ailments that have become normal and necessary of a diet rich in…drugs.

Let’s all get used to asking “Why” and getting to the root of the issues.