Frequently Asked Questions

We understand you have questions and we’ve done our best to hit them head on so you have full clarity on this profound solution and opportunity for your… True Life.

Will my insurance cover the monthly fee?

This is an incredibly common question, and rightly so. Insurance defines what we do as “preventative”, and will not cover it. IInsures covers traditional medicine, which historically treats symptoms and acute issues. Think of insurance as covering the cost of problems (or diagnosis) with your body. Your insurance is not intended to cover the cost of improving wellness.

However, as of this writing, October of 2016, Dr. James is in network with most insurance carries, solely for the purpose of fulfilling some roles as Primary Care Provider. If a prescription is ordered, or in the case of labs, having Dr. James in network gives more assurance your insurance will honor your claim. However, in being in network with your insurance provider, if you have a co-pay, we are then required to collect it up front for in-clinic appointments and virtual consultations (not text and online engagement).

What is functional medicine?

Many people find us by looking for local Functional Medicine.

It is a common question, and answered at length here Functional Medicine

What is a Membership Model?

Historically medical providers rendered a service and charged a fee. Simple as that. It’s what your grandparents did with Doctors.

In an effort to make healthcare more “affordable”, Managed Healthcare came along to regulate things. This ran afoul and ultimately failed to control health care costs in the late 1980s and 1990s and results in what we have today.

Insurance and government run healthcare and we now have a medical system that responds to illness and disease with significant competence, but it does not support addressing root cause issues.

At True Life Medicine, we do accept traditional insurance, but we have embraced an innovative Membership model so as to not be limited in our patient care. This allows us to provide Functional Medicine care over time, avoiding some of the higher costs of straight fee-for-service.

How does this work with an HSA?

You may pay your monthly Membership fee from your HSA account.

After the visits included with your Membership Benefits:

  • Annual Functional Wellness Consultation & Evaluation – Dr. James
  • Diet, Nutrition, and Exercise Coaching and Counsel – Jane Enger
  • Follow-Up Strategy Sessions with Dr. James and Health Coach, Jane Enger
  • Virtual Visits: Telephone and Video Consultations – 2/Dr. James, 2/Jane Enger

…any other visits will be 50% off of the normal hourly rates:

  • Dr. James $400/hr – You will receive care at a $200/hr rate
  • Jane Enger $75/hr – You will receive care at a $37.50/hr rate
Do members get supplements and labs at a discount?

Getting to the roots of your health requires many ingredients. Key ingredients include nutritional supplements and advanced diagnostic testing (labs).

Your Membership pays for Functional Medicine care from Dr. Randy James and Nutritionist Jane Enger. When they prescribe and recommend supplements, you receive a 20% (average) discount. With labs, if your insurance won’t cover them or you have a large deductible, we can help negotiate a cash pay price with Quest Diagnostics.


What happens during the annual Functional Wellness Consultation and Evaluation?

This visit is the foundational fact finding session. Understanding the status of your current health and clarifying what level of wellness you desire is the goal. This necessitates a whole-life understanding of you and the complete context of your life. It’s in depth, intimate and comprehensive. You can expect to spend and entire hour to 90-minutes with Dr. James, then ,generally, a 30+ minute consultation with Health Coach Jane Enger, and often a quick wrap up with your Membership Director, Kevin Miller.

This is our True Life Medicine Membership alternative to the 20-minute, perfunctory “physical” that generally results in a shotgun approach to your current symptoms.

This is the start and continuation of a rich and long term relationship and partnership with your ultimate wellness as the goal.

What happens at the follow-up Strategy Session?

This is a PRIMARY benefit of your membership. 30-days following your in-depth Annual Functional Wellness Consultation & Evaluation with Dr. James you will benefit from a foundational strategy session to review labs, advanced diagnostic testing, nutrition-supplement-medication strategy, wellness goals, and answer your questions and concerns.

This is the in-depth investment necessary to attain your best health that is not available or afforded in the traditional healthcare and insurance system.

We are pleased to make this appointment a Virtual Visit if you desire and there is no need for physical exam.

Can anyone be a member?

Anyone may inquire, please do so by contacting our Director, Kevin Miller at (email preferred) and 719-686-7776.

I have a question not covered here

Ask away! Email our Membership Director, Kevin Miller