Membership Benefits

You want more than traditional “healthcare” and health insurance.

Achieving better functionality and long-term vitality requires more, and until now, it’s been unavailable. The goal is your increasing Wellness – not decreasing. “Well, I guess I’m just getting old”, may be the norm in our culture, but it shouldn’t be normal. Everyone would say they want to be well. How do YOU define well? Do you want to be… well-er? That won’t just happen to you. You’ll have to happen to it! For this wise, responsible, and necessary investment in your life – your True Life – and your legacy, you will receive the Benefits and Values listed here.

1. Certified Functional Medicine Care from Randolph James, MD, ABFM, IFMCP

While our other Membership benefits are extremely valuable and even revolutionary, the foundational benefit of being a member of True Life Medicine is first and foremost… Functional Medical Care from Dr. Randy James and his team. Dr. James is board certified in Family Medicine (ABFM) and is also certified with the Institute for Functional Medicine (IFMCP), of which there are only four in Colorado and 130 world wide. This ROOT CAUSE care and expertise is the core return on your investment. Dr. James has devoted years of his life and effort of his heart to go far beyond treating mere symptoms, and instead, discerning root cause issues and achieving greater wellness. For more on the life-altering realities of Functional Medicine, go here.

2. Annual Functional Wellness Consultation & Evaluation

This in-depth consultation and planning session begins your Membership and occurs every year. The majority of your time will be with Dr. James himself, then Nutritionist Jane Enger, and others on the True Life Medicine team. This is the catalyst and foundation of a life strategy to achieve your best wellness, and what is unavailable in traditional “health care”. Includes (but not limited to):

  • Functional Medicine Assessment
  • Personalized Lifestyle Consultation
  • Individual True Life Goals Development
  • Proactive Intervention – Including advanced diagnostic labs (generally done at Quest Diagnostics or LabCorp)

3. Diet, Nutrition, and Exercise Coaching and Counsel

During or following your Annual Consultation is a session with the TLM Health Coach, Jane Enger

Based on your initial evaluation and strategy session, you will have questions and challenges on how to walk out your path to wellness. This is what Jane is here for, and she and your TLM team will proactively pursue you to help aid, and hopefully ensure, your ultimate success.

What you do and don’t put into your body is paramount, as are the habits of your general upkeep, sense of rest and peace, and overall mobility and strength.

We give special focus to food allergies & intolerances, detoxification, anti-inflammatory nutrition, and weight management.

  • Personal Nutrition Strategy
  • Body Composition Analysis – NEW! See full description ($35 Non-Members / Always Available to Members by Appt.)

4. Follow-Up Strategy Session with Dr. James and Health Coach, Jane Enger

This is a PRIMARY benefit of your membership. Approximately 30-days following your in-depth Annual Functional Wellness Consultation & Evaluation with Dr. James, this is a foundational meeting to review labs, advanced diagnostic testings, nutritional-supplement-medication strategy, wellness goals, and answer your questions and concerns. This is the in-depth investment necessary to attain your best health that is not available or afforded in the traditional healthcare and insurance system.

(This visit may be a Virtual Visit if necessary for your convenience.)

  • Root Cause Diagnosis
  • Personalized Wellness Plan
  • Lab Results Explanation & Review
  • Supplements Education & Strategy
  • Prescription Medication Strategy (when necessary)
  • Diet, Nutrition and Exercise Strategy

5. Virtual Visits: Telephone Consultations

When you need a consultation with Dr. James and a physical exam or testing isn’t necessary, you can schedule a virtual visit from the comfort of your home, office or anywhere. No commuting, waiting room, or hassle. Which costs you… less!

NOTE: Virtual Visits are not offered in traditional healthcare because they are not covered by insurance.

6. In-House Wellness Measurements

inbody570_fpThese tools are specifically aimed at diagnosing root cause issues and available for us to administer right inside the True Life Medicine office in Woodland Park:

Body Impedance Analyzer – This machine uses a patented system to measure body parts individually assessing: 1) Total Skeletal Muscle Mass, 2) Total Body Fat, 3) Total Body Fat Percentage, 4) Visceral Fat, 5) Total Body Water, 6) Segmental Muscle and Fat Analysis, 7) Bone Mineral Content, 8) Basal Metabolic Rate – Read more details here

HeartMath – HeartMath scientifically monitors your emotional and physical health – and helps you improve it. The technology collects pulse data through a pulse sensor and translates the information from your heart rhythms into graphics on your computer. The goal is to address: 1) Inspiration, 2) Reducing Stress 3) Building Performance & Resilience, 4) Improving Health & Well-Being

People undergoing HearthMath testing and therapy showed improvements in mental & emotional well-being in just 6-9 weeks. TLM Health Coach Jane Enger is trained in, and administers the Hearth Math Tests and Therapies. This is available to Members only by appointment.

7. Individual Patient Research

Getting to the root cause of your health needs requires a specialized approach using time, expertise, and discernment, which traditional healthcare can’t deliver. When your health issues are complex, your membership affords Dr. James the time to research on your behalf.

‘Med-Ed’ is a term used among practitioners regarding their counsel and collaboration with other providers. Specifically within Functional Medicine and specialty testing, Dr. James needs to spend time, give context, and seek understanding from other specialists regarding Functional laboratory testing.

8. Personalized Nutritional Supplements

A primary prescription for true wellness is high quality nutritional supplements. It’s increasingly difficult, and virtually impossible, to get all the nutrients we need from the food available to us today, even from the whole foods Dr. James and Jane Enger will be advocating. Thus the need for a supplement strategy.

However, supplements need to deliver results, thus special consideration is given to their efficacy and ensuring you are getting appropriate benefit for your investment.

Dr. James and Jane Enger (Health Coach) have researched and approved specific brands of supplements and offer them to you through True Life Medicine.

These are offered to members at a 20% (average) discount off MSRP.

9. Anywhere Communication and Guidance

Achievement of your increasing wellness and functionality requires you to engage daily in your health as a life priority. You need, and we WANT you to contact us with your questions, concerns, and ideas that affect your and your family’s wellness.

  • No more contacting your Doctor as a last resort when your health issues are critical
  • No more browsing the internet trying to self-diagnose
  • No more worrying whether you or a child has an acute issue that needs an appointment
  • No more being overwhelmed with the diet and nutrition you need to follow
  • No more being on your own and/or neglecting the body and mind you live in!

How It Works

This is your Functional Medicine and True Life Team in your pocket, purse, briefcase, backpack, desktop or laptop on the couch or on the go!

  • Text access via our Fitbit Plus app is during normal business hours and is for your brief questions and needs that Dr. James, Health Coach Jane Enger, TLM Medical Assistants and other TLM staff can answer in a sentence or brief paragraph. In depth topics and needs may require a Virtual or In-Office Visit.
  • This does not include live phone answering, as this is the most inefficient form of communication for us and you. We request you save live phone calls for acute care appointment scheduling only.

10. Remote Primary Care Counsel

While we do not provide primary care for our patients and in case of an emergency we are not “on call”, when you are ill or injured and desire counsel as to what to do, we can often give guidance through our text app or a phone call.

11. Referral Network Consistent With Functional Medicine

Your healthcare may require input from other specialty disciplines. For optimal results you need someone at the hub who can facilitate your overall wellness plan. We have already developed very close relationships with many chiropractors, dentists, counselors, and neurofeedback providers, all of whom understand the Functional Medicine approach. As a member, Dr. James and your TLM team will provide counsel, recommendation, and direction regarding your traditional and alternative healthcare consultants.