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“Do you want to be… well? How well? What goals do YOU have for your health? Do you want to reduce or eliminate medications, chronic illness and pain, and feel vibrant and be able bodied? Do you want to secure your vitality for your later years? We partner with those who place a premium on their health and don’t want to accept the limits of traditional health care and insurance. We have created an innovative and dramatically enhanced health care solution for those who truly desire to become… well. – Randolph James, MD, ABFM, IFMCP Learn More

About Our Practice

You are in charge of your health. Or… you should be. We make it possible.

TLM is a Family Practice limited to 500 patients who invest beyond traditional insurance to receive Functional Medicine care. While we treat acute symptoms of illness and disease in the moment, our goal is to discover, address, and treat root cause issues to minimize or eradicate them. This takes time, research, expert discernment, and advanced testing and treatment methodologies not covered by traditional medicine and insurance. Our goal is for you to achieve YOUR best health, and we invest our entire team into two types of people: 1) People whose health is compromised and are committed to partnering together to restore and protect it in the future, 2) People who are not struggling with poor health today but are committed to learning how to protect and grow their health as an asset that will pay dividends for years to come. If this is you… we would be honored to meet you. Read More

One Year Plan

The goal for Members of True Life Medicine is to increase their wellness based on their goals, and we like to look at one-year increments. Following is a basic timeline of what you can expect, though please know the point is Personalized Medicine, meaning, it is personal. We are not bound by these specific dates and order. What you need and your specific strategy will be decided by you, Dr. James and our Health Coach Jane Enger. Read More

Membership – A Personal Relationship to Increase Your  Wellness

Our Membership offers what is unavailable through traditional medicine.

Long visits and follow ups – Health goals and strategy sessions – Ongoing, proactive health management – Anytime access via phone, email, and text to our team for questions, concerns, or guidance – Virtual visits with Dr. James and Nutritionist Jane Enger – Deeply discounted Supplements – and more! We accept insurance for what it covers, then we go beyond it to provide all that is needed to achieve your best health. This is you, for once, having a Functional Medicine physician on your side, in your corner, devoted to your wellness. Your… True Life. Read More


Eating strategies to radically improve your life

Eating strategies to radically improve your life

Today I bring some food concepts for you to think about. For any that resonate with you, you can flesh out the details with Dr. James and our Health Coach, Jane Enger, on how to best adopt them for your own personal health. I’m admittedly just a patient and student like you. But I get to be privy to and a patient of Dr. James and Jane more than anyone. And I audit all the varying health issues of all our patients. Plus…I have a family of 13 as guinea pigs! So these are a “laymen’s”, albeit insider’s perspective on for you to contemplate and consider: Rotate Your Food Dr. James brought this to my attention years ago. He cited that in past generations, the food you consumed was cyclical. You ate an abundance of food that was in season. In the summer, fruits and vegetables were in abundance. In the winter you ate far more grains and food with a longer shelf life, etc… Today’s problem? Most of use eat the same food types for EVERY meal. Our body never gets a break. Which is not how things were naturally orchestrated. Give your body a break from certain food groups for a while; 30 days with no grains, 30 days with no fruit’ 30 days with no meat’ 30 days with no sugar’ 30 days with no coffee (ok, that may be going overboard…) How should you start cycling some of your food? Jane can help you create a strategy that works for you. Contact Felicia right away to schedule a consultation with Jane, or ask Jane right away using Patient... read more
How to be fully functioning as you age

How to be fully functioning as you age

Nobody makes a goal to be overweight. It simply happens through daily deposits of taking in more calories than one burns off. The average American packs on one to two pounds every year, especially after the age of 35. Likewise, nobody endeavors to get old and infirm. But it happens through the longterm daily deposits of: Weight gain Inactivity Nutritional deficits There are other factors of course, but those are tangible, heavy hitters. Ultimately, after the age of 40, your body and mind will naturally begin to slow down. IF and UNLESS. Your body and mind will slow down IF…you slow down. Your body and mind will slow down UNLESS…you keep them going strong! Dangerous Brain Myth “The brain can be fully functioning even as other parts of the body deteriorate.” This is false. And while you may nod your head, our culture lives as if this is true. Look, if you starve a flower from sun, water and nutrients, it will start to break down. The petals fall off, the leaves whither, the stem droops over and it does all it can to preserve the roots…the heart. But all the while the roots are weakening and losing function. Likewise, if your body is slowing down and losing vitality, so is your brain. Your body is incredible at survival, and it will do all it can…sacrificing appearance and mobility and even other organs, while trying to preserve the core; The heart and brain. But from the first exterior deterioration, the heart and brain are compromised and running on lesser functionality than if every facet was in good health. If you want... read more
10 Ways You’re Making Your Child Fat (or unwell)

10 Ways You’re Making Your Child Fat (or unwell)

As a father of seven children (with three additional living at our home currently), food and wellness is a big issue. It is a common, daily topic of discussion. Why? I feel it’s my responsibility to help my family be well and learn lifelong habits for wellness. On the purely selfish side, it’s also just too draining to have the kids sick. It’s worth a dramatic amount to me, to do everything possible to keep them from “normal” sickness. Which is impossible to completely eradicate, but whatever we can do to minimize is worth it. I for one adore a full night’s sleep without a sick kid waking me up… On an even greater scale, a majority of the behavior problems we are seeing in kids today can be traced back to roots in poor diet. Even kids with fairly good diets can be wholly derailed if they are consistently ingesting foods they are intolerant and have adverse reactions to. Regarding the title of “Fat”, which as you’ll see below I borrowed from an article, the issue goes beyond this one consequence. Kid’s growing bodies are generally amazing at assimilating whatever they eat, so many active kids are not overweight, but suffering in other ways. Any parent desires to help their child be well, on all fronts. When it comes to food however, even the best intending parent will often be found lacking. Why? Three primary issues come to mind, with the last one being the crux: Money – Buying whole, fresh, organic, gluten-free food is incredibly expensive. I’d wager my wife and I spend double or more what the average family spends... read more

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